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Ghost Stories And The Paranormal

With millions of ghost stories circulating the world, is it any wounder some people would place their blind faith in something potentially paranormal, affter all the chance of there being something after death gives people hope in that they will see their loved ones once again.

Stories perhaps play a larger role within the paranormal than most would care to believe, almost like a game of chinese whispers where every story can grow with age and adapt to new surroundings which in turn could subconciously play on a persons mind, influencing what they preceive as a paranormal experience.

A question I often ponder is whether the paranormal is becoming more like a religion with more blind faith. Many people instantly place their hope, belief and faith in the afterlife and this is common amongest all religions in some shape or form.

Ghosts, ghouls, large cats, poltergiests, and many other paranormal terms, are they just words to describe something fictional, did our imaginations create what we wanted to see and believe or some instances work against us to conjure up those frightening experiences.

Perhaps the paranormal is more philosothical rather than scientific (or peusdoscientific)

I hope this article will be thought provoking - Timothy Bowers - Written 13th September 2008.

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